Our Coffee Production

Our Production Potential

Jiratamo maintains 420 hectares of land together with out-grower farmers with a potential 400 hectares of additional land available to expand in the future. Jiratamo maintains its own seedling production nursery sites where we carefully select seeds from wild-grown mother trees.

This allows us to maintain the inherent quality of the coffee and thereby continuing genetic rejuvenation from the wild-grown mother coffee trees. Currently, we are producing 400 – 450 tons of organic coffee per annum from young, high-quality coffee trees. In the future when the farm reaches its full potential we will produce up to 10-12 thousand tons per annum.

The enterprise in general and the farms, in particular, is guided by the principles of sustainable coffee production which includes

Jiratamo has its own coffee farm and out-grower farmers coffee farms. We produce & export
Sidama: Grade 2 washed
Sidama: Grade 4 sun-dried

To maintain & increase the long term fertility of the soils

To maintain & strengthen the shade trees under which the coffee trees are growing

To avoid all forms of pollution that may result from operations under practice

To choose or develop, relatively the most efficient but economically sound operational methods so as to reduce the cost of production

Our Special Offer
Production capacity
Organization, Management & Marketing

When you come to visit our farm, you will not only drink coffee from its birthplace but you will also get the unique opportunity of planting a dozen of coffee seedlings on land set aside for our visitors who would like to grow their own coffee plants. Do you feel worried? Of course, not our experts will take good care of your plants. Upon return, you will savor and enjoy the flavors of your own coffee.
If you are unable to come, we will send your organic coffee to your home. In return, you continue to advocate for an organic and sustainable coffee production system.

The enterprise’s present annual capacity is at an average 200=240 tons premium small crop green beans coffee and in the near future, its capacity would reach 300 thousand tons of green coffee beans. There is one prolonged harvesting period starting with early crop harvest in August and reach its peak in October and November, and completed late December.

The green coffee processing method of the total annual production of washed and unwashed coffee of the known quality standards Bench Sheka grade 1 and grade 2, currently the enterprise is using coffee processing facilities and machinery.

Jiratamo Coffee Plantation employed 10 highly trained permanent staff with more than a decade worth of practical experience in coffee production, processing, and marketing. In addition, we maintain 2 highly qualified consultants and an average of about 100 temporary workers. Our farm has its own environmentally friendly coffee washing station, coffee pulpier, coffee huller, warehouses, and guesthouse on the farm site.

Jiratamo Coffee Plantation

The Farm is located in the jungle of Dawa basin at about 460 km south of Addis Ababa in Guji zone of Oromia national regional state.

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